Krishnamurti… and also John Dewey

Thank you Liam Noble for alerting me to this video… Consider the notion of embracing difference in learners, an absence of comparison and the centrality of experience. Krishnamurti’s profound philosophy of education is in direct opposition to the current industrial model of education than not only works against differences in learners/people but has also systematicallyContinue reading “Krishnamurti… and also John Dewey”


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The Curriculum – all that is taught and learnt…

The Curriculum – all that is taught and learnt… Core and hidden… Planned and received… Formal and informal…   Can we have an informed debate please? We find ourselves in an historic time when education is about to the redefined by the course of political determination, we would be well advised to be mindful ofContinue reading “The Curriculum – all that is taught and learnt…”

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