2 thoughts on “Hear Simon Purcell’s Red Circle

  1. Hi Simon

    I wonder if any of your students would be interested in a programme I’ve just done on the History of Jazz Piano? If so, please pass on the links…………….



    (Now Visiting professor of Jazz Piano at St Andrews University)

    I hope that you might have a listen to the most ambitious project I’ve tackled to date – The History of Jazz Piano, which I recorded in front of a live studio audience in Glasgow a few weeks ago.

    In the programme, I demonstrate all the significant developments of Jazz Piano from Scott Joplin through to Bill Evans.

    A 3 minute clip from the programme can be heard on


    and if you can face the full hour, then it’s on at 8pm (History of Jazz Piano starts after the News at 9pm) BBC Radio Scotland, 92-95 fm this Wed 23 March, repeated Sun 27.

    Also available on bbc iplayer



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