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To start, Paul Desmond and Herbie Hancock, 2 exquisite improvisations on “Samba With Some Bar-B-Q”, modelling so many desirable qualities, in particular – space, development and variation.

Screen shot 2009-10-03 at 19.18.17


Changes Planned For the National Youth Jazz Orchestra

The National Youth Jazz Orchestra (NYJO) is set for major changes as a result of demands made by the Arts Council, the retirement of its long-term director Bill Ashton and a sense that the band is ready for a degree of recasting…. See this article in JazzWise Magazine…

Jazz Education Research

Why research? In brief…

The Jazz Education community possesses abundant subject matter, play-alongs and an unstoppable harvest of reissues and new music available through the internet. However, while educators are better resourced, informed discourse about teaching and learning is comparatively undeveloped.

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Practice, practice, practice

As requested after summer schools…
Many folk approach me about practicing and I seem to spend most of my time at college assisting students in establishing a regime that is both consistent and adaptable to their individual needs. Please see the Practice Pages.