Monk says – “Go To Oliver’s – it’s Malcolm Earle-Smith!”

Listen to Monk, do the right thing  and check out the scene at Oliver’s in Greenwich. Tonight’s featured artist is Malcolm Earle-Smith. A multi-faceted artist, Malcolm is at home in pretty much any improvising environment. Although highly respected as a fine trombonist and expert in classic jazz and swing, he is an incredibly broad musician, aContinue reading “Monk says – “Go To Oliver’s – it’s Malcolm Earle-Smith!””


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Sun Ra says – “Go To Oliver’s – it’s Martin Speake!”

“Not the Olympics” @ Oliver’s Day 3 Martin Speake Trio with Dave Green and Gene Calderazzo. Do as Sun Ra advises and drag yourself away from the television and check out the scene at Oliver’s in Greenwich. Tonight’s featured artist is Martin Speake. Martin is the first person to acknowledge and celebrate his wide range ofContinue reading “Sun Ra says – “Go To Oliver’s – it’s Martin Speake!””

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