Rhythm for Linear Improvisation

Rhythmic manipulation is an attractive feature of linear improvising. Syncopation does much to provide vitality and forward motion, while development of placements, subdivision and grouping add sophistication. Frankie Traubauer and Lester Young possess this feature, Bird took it on while Lennie Tristano et al have taken the approach to a highly evolved level. Today, artists such as Mark Turner, Gary Thomas, Steve Coleman and British Pianist John Taylor are important exponents of the art.

To get started, feel free to download these materials:
1) Worksheet: Introduction to linear rhythm (a la Tristano)… click here Linear Rhythm (Concert) and Linear Rhythm (Bb)
2) Practice Loops:
44 grouped in 3 (4 bar loop)
44 grouped in 3 (8 bar loop)
44 grouped in 3 (4 bar loop) 1st displacement
44 grouped in 3 (4 bar loop) 2nd displacement

Note – this page is work in progress.


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