Videos, broadcasts and podcasts

Some videos, interviews, broadcasts added… the marvellous Marian McPartland Piano Jazz programmes, interviews with Coltrane, Lester Young and Liebman, plus some practice advice from Joe Lovano and Steve Coleman. Click here…

Published by Simon Purcell

Jazz musician and educator, the 4Ps

One thought on “Videos, broadcasts and podcasts

  1. Mr. Purcell,

    We have not met, but I am co-director of a jazz studies program in Texas, USA, and am also pursuing my doctor of music education at Columbia Univ. Teacher’s College in NYC.

    I am VERY much interested in your research published in “The Reflective Conservatoire” related to jazz improvisation and Teacher Research in a Conservatoire.

    I am wondering if there was a dissertation associated with this and if so, would it be possible for me to attain a copy for my own research.

    I think your study is fascinating and necessary, and would like to continue in a similar area of study. It certainly would help facilitate my own research.

    I thought I would ask!

    Freddie Mendoza

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